Nov 042015

The Assault On Truth: Freud’s Suppression Of The Seduction Theory by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, written when he was a psychoanalyst, helped me understand some painful and perplexing situations when I was writing The Secret Seduction and the Enigma of Attraction. Jeffrey has inspired me and influenced my work because he is acutely perceptive, truthful and courageous. His courage came to the fore when he revealed the contents of Freud’s letters after he was put in charge of the archives by Anna Freud. His book is “a devastating and highly controversial expose´ of the origins of psychoanalysis.”

Jeffrey continues to inspire me with his many books on animal suffering. I will follow his path with my next book, for the love of animals. There is a line at the end of The Secret Seduction and the Enigma of Attraction: “And elephants weep,” which comes from the title of his seminal book on the consciousness of animals, When Elephants Weep.