Sep 162015

There are no chains or flagellation in “The Secret Seduction” but there are some very sexual scenes. The psychoanalyst and author, Jeffrey Masson found it: “Extremely arousing. This novel far from pornography, and yet it will arouse the reader, I can attest to that.”

I am a Romantic, of the 19th Century kind—I love beauty and gentleness—I loathe all that bonking ramming ugliness that counts as sex in movies and pornography. It is repugnant, deameaning and violent. I think a lot of women feel the same as I do—and some young men too, I read. We need a return to tenderness. Writers such as Alain de Botton, Nikki Gemmell and Ruth Ostrow have also written about this. Alain entreats for “a new pornography” that doesn’t “ask us to leave behind our ethics, our aesthetic sense and our intelligence.” There is nothing new about this—it is to be found in the teachings of the Tao of Sex. Including women directing sex. Sadly, we live in a violent society, where women are beaten and often killed. Not just women—children and innocent animals too. How could it be otherwise, if every day, hour and minute, acts of unspeakable violence and slaughter are committed in our inhumane industries–abattoirs, factory farms, racing and Live Export. Our country is drowning in the blood and cries of the innocent. Tolstoy said: “It is only one step from the murder of animals to the murder of humans.” In every case history of a rapist or murderer, violence was committed towards animals. It’s elemental.

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