Author Biography


Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson was born in Alexandria, Egypt, of French, Italian, Spanish and English parentage. She grew up speaking five languages and was educated at The Sacred Heart British Girl’s Convent. Her parents left Egypt after King Farouk was exiled. Victoria trained as an actress and worked in film, television and theatre. She left acting to study psychology and became a psychotherapist. She eventually gave it up to return to her love of books and writing. Her memoir, Losing Alexandria (Picador), was a literary success, appearing for several weeks on the Melbourne Age best-seller list. City of Longing, (about Gilbert de Botton–Alain de Botton’s father) launched at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, was optioned (but the money never raised) when still in manuscript form by a film producer. Her latest novel is The Secret Seduction and the Enigma of Attraction. Victoria has also worked as an interpreter in the medical profession and has traveled to Japan, China, Russia, India and the Himalayas, England, Europe and America.

“I write of things I feel passionate about:  the greed of corporations and the exaggerated sense of entitlement of the super rich;  the harm and suffering caused by the politics of medicine;  the commerce in Art  —  the fact that an artist like Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime to his brother Theo, died poor and rejected,  and now his paintings sell for over $90 million at auctions.  I write about the rights of animals, and human kindness.  Of our journey, like Ulysses, to find our way home, to become oneself.  And of course, I write about love.